Hi, my name is, chka-chka, Slim Shady.

Hi, my name is Archit Chandra.

I am an independent web developer from Delhi, India. I create easy-to-use websites and web-based applications that focus on getting the user's job done.

My strongest skill is in organising information and creating intuitive interfaces using good old HTML and CSS. For content-heavy websites, I use PHP-based content management systems like Craft CMS and Statamic. I have also built a few smaller sites using the Eleventy static site generator and Forestry CMS.

I had worked on many large WordPress-based projects earlier. I appreciate WordPress as a fantastic low-cost gateway into web development, but I no longer use it because of the messy and unstructured nature of the system.

In a past life, I worked as a generalist in a venture-funded fast-growing tech startup. That experience changed me from being someone who was always running away from software programming to understanding that it had the power to transform nothing into something tangible. I then turned my life around to build a career in software. Fun fact: I wrote my first sincere line of code after the age of 25.

I studied Electronics and Communications Engineering from NSIT, Delhi but that doesn't mean much as I didn't spend enough time studying. I was mostly AWOL, representing my college at trivia quizzes around the city as a part of the NSIT Quiz Club.

In my free time, I love watching films with family and friends, supporting Chelsea FC, exploring the rich culture, history and food of Delhi and making small dents in my huge Goodreads reading list.

I am taking on new projects at the moment. You can contact me at arch [at] greythink [dot] in.